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This is a library file included on IBM OS/2 Toolkit. This file includes several important functions of the OS/2 API.


Date Version Size Comments
1992/08/19 6:39p N/A 615,424 bytes
1996/08/11 10:55p N/A 773,632 bytes
1996/09/03 8:33a N/A 678,912 bytes
1997/09/17 09:34 N/A 774.144 bytes IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp Version 4
1998/11/04 5:12p N/A 668,160 bytes
2001/10/04 15:33 N/A 785,920 bytes OS/2 Toolkit 4.52


This list the functions inside OS2386.LIB.