OS/2 Warp Version 4

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OS/2 Warp Version 4 desktop

The fourth major release of the client version of the OS/2 operating system and also known as Warp 4 or under the original project name Merlin. It is not as radical a change as OS/2 Warp Version 3 was from OS/2 Version 2 mainly because the money earmarked for OS/2 development inside IBM's Personal Systems Division was used to develop the ill-fated OS/2 PPC, and while small portions of the OS/2 PPC code showed up in Merlin, most of the changes were superficial. The release does include a number of additional features that were developed as separate programs though, such as OpenGL support.



No. US version Date Build Warp 4 WSOD 1 WSOD 2
0 c XR_M000 9.024 x
1 XR_M001 1997-02-21 9.025 x
2 c XR_M002 1997 9.026 x
3 XR_M003 1997 9.027 x
4 XR_M004 1997-10-07 9.028 x
5 XR_M005 1997-12-07 9.029 x x
6 XR_M006 1998 9.030 x x
7 XR_M007 1998 9.031 x x
8 XR_M008 1998-08-28 9.032 x x
9 XR_M009 1998-11-10 9.033 x x
10 XR_M010 1999-02-26 9.034 x x
11 XR_M011 1999-07-01 9.035 x x x
12 XR_M012 1999-09-29 9.036 x x x

Minor versions

IBM released versions 4.5 for those with a defect support contract and for a time also sold it as an upgrade. This has numerous fixes and updates introduced in OS/2 Warp Server for e-business, and a small number of fixes developed since. The last minor version released was 4.52.

Development Tools

The base operating system contains:

Inside DOS sessions the following tools are available: