OS/2 Warp Version 3

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The third major release of the OS/2 operating system and better known under the original project name OS/2 Warp or Warp 3 or even just plain "Warp", it was the best selling of the OS/2 variations and represented the peak of the system's popularity.


OS2 Warp3 Desktop.png

IBM OS/2 Warp 3 family products:

  • Oct 1994: OS/2 Warp Version 3 (for Windows) - red box
  • Jan 1995: OS/2 Warp Version 3 (with Win-OS/2) - blue box
  • OS/2 Warp Connect (for Windows) - red box
  • OS/2 Warp Connect (with Win-OS/2) - blue box


Later fixpaks also introduced new features to the Base Operating System component.





  • SG24-4552-00: OS/2 Warp Generation, Volume 1: OS/2 Warp Version 3, OS/2 Warp with WIN-OS/2 OS/2 Warp Connect and BonusPak (Oct 1995)
  • GG24-4505-00: OS/2 Warp Generation, Volume 2: Exploring LAN Connectivity With OS/2 Warp Connect (July 1995)
  • SG24-4627-00: The Guide to OS/2 Warp Device Drivers (Dec 1995)


IBM Announcements
  • ZP94-0433 - IBM OS/2 Warp Version 3 and OS/2 Warp with WinOS2 Version 3 (1994-10-11)
  • ZP99-0300 - WfM of IBM OS/2 Warp v3 and IBM OS/2 Warp v3 with Win-OS2 (1999-05-11)
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