OS/2 Problem Tracker

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OS/2 Problem Tracker is a 32-Bit shareware Presentation Manager based development tool that keeps track of open bugs and complaints from customers in software. You can assign products, components of products, customers and employees to specific bugs.

The OS/2 Problem Tracker has the following features:

  • Create and store nearly unlimited customers.
  • Create and store nearly unlimited employees.
  • Manage project information.
  • Manage information about project components.
  • Manage bugs in your software and assign employees and customers.
  • Assign priorities and problem types (Design Change Request, Bug, Nice To Have, ...).
  • View open problems.
  • Drop colours and fonts on every control. It's contents will be refreshed after next startup.
  • Statusline.
  • User customizable Toolbar with over 200 buttons to choose from.
  • Really cool looking Bubble Help.


  • Latest version: OS/2 Problem Tracker 1998-03-13