Presentation Device Driver Reference for OS2

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Reprint Courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation, © International Business Machines Corporation

The OS/2 Presentation Device Driver Reference defines what a presentation driver is, how it operates, and when to use one. In addition, a description of the types of presentation drivers, their interfaces, and the available system services is provided. System programmers can use the information found in this book to write their own presentation drivers.

Detailed descriptions of control structures, data structures, and I/O formats have been included to help in understanding and using the interfaces. For further information about structures and defined values, see the OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming Reference and the header files supplied with the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2.

Knowledge of a programming language (such as C or assembler) that is used for writing OS/2 applications is necessary, and the programmer must be familiar with the workings of the OS/2 operating system.

Note: Programmers who require information on 16-bit device drivers should refer to the OS/2 Physical Device Driver Reference.


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