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This list can include any article, book presentation or webpage with OS/2 related material, excluding publications that cover the specific subject of Smalltalk and REXX as they have their own bibliographies here in the form of the Smalltalk Bibliography and the REXX Bibliography.

OS/2 1.x

Reference Books

Programming Books

  • Kris A. Jamsa: OS/2 Power Programmer's Guide – McGraw-Hill 1989, ISBN 0-07-881424-3
  • Kris A. Jamsa: OS/2 API: The Pocket Reference - Osborne/McGraw-Hill 1988, ISBN 0-07-881456-1

OS/2 2.x

Reference Books

  • Kris A. Jamsa: OS/2: The Complete Reference – Osborne Publishing 1993, ISBN 0-07-881399-9

OS/2 Warp

Technical Books

Technical Articles

OS/2 Warp Connect installation and configuration

Workplace OS - OS/2 PPC


Books with some OS/2 PPC content

  • Jim Hoskins and David Bradley: Exploring the IBM Power Series: The Instant Insider's Guide to IBM's Revolutionary New Personal Computers - Maximum Press 1996, ISBN 0-9633214-5-5