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Company founded in Utah, USA in 1980 as Novell Data Systems and initially manufactured data terminals and small personal computer systems. Introduced as networking server called S-Net in 1993 and porter the NOS to x86 systems the year after resulting in a system called NetWare which became the most popular network operating system for the next decade.

Novell was acquired in 2010 by The Attachmate Group which was bought in 2014 by Micro Focus International.


  • Btrieve
  • C Network Compiler
  • C Network Compiler/386
  • LAN Workplace
  • LAN WorkPlace for OS/2
  • LAN WorkPlace for OS/2 Developer's Toolkit
  • NetWare Requester for OS/2
  • Netware RPC
  • Netware SQL
  • NetWare Workstation Kit for OS/2
  • Novell NetWare - Network operating system
  • XQL
  • Xtrieve Plus
Digital Research


  • Roger Bourke White Jr.: Surfing the High Tech Wave: A History of Novell 1980-1990 - Author House 2010, ISBN 1-4520-2304-2