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We have added MQSeries to our list of IBM Developer Connection Cross-Platform Developer Kits. Just $495 buys you a subscription (2 releases) to the MQSeries runtimes and toolkits for OS/2, AIX and Windows NT. You also receive a subscription (4 releases) to the base Developer Connection product.

MQSeries is a very powerful messaging system. Windows NT and MVS/ESA applications, AIX and Windows NT and OS/2 applications can communicate through MQSeries. The exchange of messages between applications is time independent and triggering of messages is supported.

MQSeries has recently added a Lotus Notes Server "add-in-task". This new task gives Lotus Notes applications access to MQSeries messaging. The add-in-task always runs on the Lotus Notes Server machine and allows Lotus Notes' users to communicate with MQSeries systems. For example, data from Lotus Notes documents are recognized, interpreted, and messages are returned to update the Lotus Notes document. A macro, executed by the user, makes a link to MQSeries and transfers parts of the document to a Mail-In database.

The Lotus Notes Server add-in-task monitors the Mail-In database. Documents found there are used to construct MQSeries messages. The link database contains entries describing the relationship of a Lotus Notes document to an MQSeries message; that is, how a Lotus Notes document is mapped into an MQSeries message. The link database must be set up to define the mapping required for each type of document you want to use with MQSeries: the name of the link database entry is specified in the mail message containing the request.

The Lotus Notes server add-in-task can also monitor response queues based on any outstanding replies. The replies are interpreted and used to update the user document in the user database.

There are many, many more reasons to purchase MQSeries, as well as our other Software Server Cross-Platform Developer Kit Offerings. Call the appropriate ordering number or visit the DevCon web site listed in the directory for more information.

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