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A set of multi-platform C++ networking class libraries sold as an add on to Rouge Wave's Tools.h++ foundation class library. Provides portable objects for inter process communications and other communicating services.

The library was folded into SourcePro C++ 2001 and is no longer available as a separate product.


  • Version 1.1 introduced in 1996, added support for OS/2, SGI's Irix, DEC's OSF/1, IBM's AIX, Windows 95. Adds compatibility with ANSI and ISO standard C++.
  • Version 1 supported Windows NT, Sun OS, Sun Solaris, Windows 3.1 and HP-UX.

Version 1.x prerequisites

  • Tools.h++ 6.1 or later

License and availability

  • Commercial software - Discontinued - Original price 995 USD for OS/2 or Windows and 1495 for Unix or 2490 USD for all three (1996).