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Next was a computer workstation manufacturer that was originally founded in 1985 and later merged with Apple Computer in 1997.


A company founded by Steve Jobs in 1985 to manufacture workstation computers specifically designed for the educational market that were based around Motorola 68030 microprocessors (later 68040). The workstations were delivered in 1988 but became a notorious flop and were taken off the market in 1993, the microkernel based operating system called NeXTStep however continued to be developed.



  • NeXT Workstation (1988)
  • NeXT Cube (1990)
    • NeXT Cube Turbo (1990)
    • NeXT Dimension (1990)
  • NeXT Station (1990)
    • NeXT Station Turbo (1990)
    • NeXT Station Color (1990)
    • NeXT Station Turbo Color (1990)

Operating Environments


Th NeXTStep operating system was designed by a team led by Avie Tevanian, but he had been a member of the team that designed the Mach Microkernel at the Carnegie Mellon University alongside the BSD UNIX like personality for it. NeXTStep is basically a version of the Mach kernel and the UNIX personality with a layer of object-oriented user interface on top, that is implemented in Objective C.


OPENSTEP is a variation of NeXTStep that was ported to other workstations after NeXT discontinued their hardware line, it was later used as the basis for MacOS X Server and MacOS X.

Software Development Tools

  • WebObjects