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A freeware and later open source DOS relational database system that is mostly xBase compatible and while it cannot generate executables, a runtime is available. Infamous for being a Clipper hack, i.e. it is not written in a low level language but rather created with the xBase semi-compiler Clipper itself, but done in a clever way so that while it is a command line or menu driven dBase compatible system itself it creates the functions in the Clipper language rather than copying the actual Clipper system and is therefore a legal download.


  • Last known version: 1997 release.
Note that nanoBase is delivered in seven packages, a version optimised for 8086/88 processors and a version optimised for 80286 and later, the runtime is also available in two similarly optimised versions, a documentation package and two source source packs, one having mouse support and the other not.


License and availability

  • Development has been discontinued, but nanoBase is Open source software released under the GPL v2.