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Nearly a Haskell Compiler or NHC is a small Haskell compiler/interpreter originally introduced in 1994 by Niklas Röjemo, it compiles to a bytecode that targets a runtime written in C and has libraries and tools that allow it to call and be called by C tools. NHC was renamed NHC98 when it was made compatible with the Haskell 98 standard and at the same time the version numbers were rebooted. There was also a now dead fork by Tom Shackell in the form of the York Haskell Compiler that actually was better in some respects.

NHC is primarily written in Haskell but it has a small, fairly system independent runtime that is written in C and this makes it easy to bootstrap the system on platforms that have a C compiler available.


  • Last known version: NHC98 v1.22 (2010)
There never was an OS/2 release of any of the NHC98 family, but the latest version appears to compile and work on OS/2, but is untested.
  • Last known OS/2 version: NHC 1.3

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  • Niklas Röjemo