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A 32 bit multi-platform compiler that targeted 386 and 486 processors, initially released in the latter half of the 1980's as a C compiler for 32 bit DOS with a Phar Lap extender and a little later with Microport Unix support, making it one of the first C compilers available that generated code for the 386. In general the NDP compilers had strong numerical support including code generation for Weitek numerical co-processors and Intel 860 arrays.

The system was later made available for UNIX System V3 and V4, Windows NT and Linux on x86 and Digital Alpha AXP processors.

Appears to have shared code generator/back end with NDP Fortran and NDP Pascal


Includes a screen only version of the MGX Library
  • NDP C-386 available for DOS and Xenix. RRP USD 595 in 1988 - Supports Intel 80287, 80387 and Microway mW1167 (Weitek 1163/64 based board)
Requires Microport Unix 5.3 or higher.
  • NDP C 3.1 (1991) - DOS real-mode / Phar Lap DOS 386 extender
NDP C-486
  • 1990 - DOS, SCO UNIX, XENIX 386