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IBM Multimedia Presentation Manager/2 (MMPM/2) provides multimedia extensions to the OS/2 32-bit environment enhancing the ability to run applications that combine sound and images.

The IBM Multimedia Presentation Manager Toolkit/2 contains C language bindings, sample programs and documentation. It was later integrated with IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2.


  • Media Control Interface (MCI)
  • Stream Programming Interface (SPI)
  • Multimedia I/O Services (MMIO)
  • Additional Multimedia Controls


  • Jun 1992: Version 1.0 - separate product for OS/2 2.0
  • Jun 1993: Version 1.1 - integrated with OS/2 2.1 and later releases
  • Oct 1993: MMPM/2 CSD - integrated with OS/2 2.11

See also


  • 292-192 - IBM Multimedia Presentation Manager/2 and IBM Multimedia Presentation Manager Toolkit/2 (1992-03-31)