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Sets the mouse device driver status flags for the installed mouse device driver.


MouSetDevStatus(DeviceStatus, DeviceHandle);


DeviceStatus (PULONG) - input 
Status flags.
The passed parameter is a 4-byte set of flags. Only the high byte has meaning.
Bit     Description
31-10   Reserved. Set to 0.
9       If set, mouse data is returned in mickeys, not pels.
8       If set, the drawing operations for pointer draw routine are disabled.
7-0     Reserved. Set to 0.
DeviceHandle (HMOU) - input 
Reserved. Must be 0.

Return Code

rc (APIRET) - returns

MouSetDevStatus returns one of the following values:

  • 0 NO_ERROR


#define INCL_MOU
#include <os2.h>

PULONG    DeviceStatus;  /*  Status flags. */
HMOU      DeviceHandle;  /*  Reserved.  Must be 0. */
APIRET    rc;            /*  Return code. */

rc = MouSetDevStatus(DeviceStatus, DeviceHandle);


MouSetDevStatus is the complement to MouGetDevStatus. However, not all status flags can be set with MouSetDevStatus. Only the flags corresponding to the following functions can be modified:

  • Return data in mickeys.

Normally, mouse data is returned to the application with the absolute display mode coordinates of the pointer image position on the display screen. When this status flag is set, mouse data is returned in relative mickeys, a unit of mouse movement.

  • Don't call pointer draw device.

Normally, the pointer draw device driver is called for all drawing operations. When this status flag is set, the mouse device driver does not call the pointer draw device driver. The application must draw any required pointer image on the screen.

At session initialization, the device status is set to 0.

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