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The accompanying CD-ROM contains a set of white papers on object technology and Taligent. These papers cover wide range of topics related to object technology. They are in PostScript format and can be printed by any PostScript-enabled printer.

Transforming Your Business With Object Technology
This paper highlights how today's dynamic business environment propel object technology into the mainstream of computing, and why object technology is an inevitable solution to today's critical business problems. It also provides a summary of IBM PSP's strategy for object-technology adoption.
A Study of America's Top Corporate Innovators
This paper summarizes the insights derived from a study participated by several U.S.-based companies, which highlighted the key insights upon which Taligent technology is based.
Lessons Learned from Early Adopters of Object Technology
This paper highlights the valuable ideas of unprecedented breadth and depth from a case study that Taligent conducted with some U.S.-based companies chosen from a pool of over 125 corporate developers and system integrators who have significant object-based application work underway.
Leveraging Object-Oriented Frameworks
This paper, a technology primer from Taligent, describes how Taligent's object-oriented frameworks and programming environment can be leveraged by application developers as the foundation upon which they can use object-oriented technology to significantly increase productivity and encourage innovation.
Driving Innovation with Technology
The Intelligent Use of Objects:This paper begins with a brief historical overview of microcomputer software development, which is designed to put Taligent's technology approach into perspective both in terms of the problems it solves and of the roots from which it grows. Building on that perspective, the paper addresses the advantages and benefits of frameworks as seen from the viewpoint of software developers and hardware designers. Finally, it describes frameworks in detail, offers some insights into their importance, and describes some sample hypothetical frameworks and their potential use.
Object Technology Resources
This paper provides an extensive list of references, which includes book bibliography, periodical and newsletter sources, article bibliography, and other publication sources. In addition, it lists the training organizations within both IBM and Apple that provide object technology training for developers.

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