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Michael A. Kaply works at Kaply Consulting. He works with a number of companies to build Firefox add-ons. He was a Firefox advocate at IBM and helped to port Firefox to OS/2. He also worked as a Senior Associate Programmer in the Personal Software Products Division at IBM. He also worked enhancing the IPF compiler for OS/2 and programmed the OS/2 Warp Tutorial.


Republishing Permission
Mike Kaply gave permission to re-use his OS/2 articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license, but states that IBM has also the rights over his article. Martin Iturbide obtained this permission via e-mail on February 27 of 2013.
Personal Software Products Technical Interchange and Device Driver Conference (Apr 1994)
  • AD09 - Adding Help to Your OS/2 Applications
  • AD10 - The OS/2 Help Manager: Advanced Topics