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Micho Durdevich is a Quantum Physics professor from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

I (Martin Iturbide) had the opportunity to meet Micho one time I visited Mexico and all that I can say about him is that he is a very intelligent and modest person. "A Really cool guy". He is also part of Q-Systems Company.


Micho wrote the following OS/2 and eComStation related articles:

RIPLing Windows

Remote-booting Diskless Windows Workstations from OS/2

Republishing Permission
Micho gave permission to reproduce his OS/2 articles on EDM/2 with the condition to be reference as the original author.


  • TEC07 - Remote-booting Windows And Linux from eComStation - Warpstock 2002
  • TEC06 - Remote-booting eComStation from eComStation - Warpstock 2002
  • Remote Booting Alien Operating Systems from OS/2 - Warpstock 2001
  • Remote-booting Diskless Windows Workstations from OS/2 Warp Server - Warpstock 2000