Michael Shillingford

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Michael has a degree majoring in Eastern Philosophy, with a minor in skiing. After graduating from the University of British Columbia, his career rapidly went downstream as he became a whitewater river guide, taking innocent non-swimmers down raging rivers in Canada, the US, and New Zealand.

Now fully qualified, he was snapped up by a small communications firm in Richmond, BC, where he developed a smorgasbord of PC applications, including async drivers for a ship to shore satellite email system.

After convincing his boss to chuck multitasking under DOS (via TimeSlicer) for something that was MUCH more robust - OS/2 2.0, he founded CodeSmith Software in 1995, and has since produced Xit (a desktop enhancer) and Matrix (a strategy game).

Now "retired" to the Canadian Rockies, an OS/2 wasteland, where even the word "DOS" brings a confused glaze to the local's eyes, he juggles a busy schedule of running CodeSmith, checking the weather line for reports of fresh powder, and keeping his ski edges sharp.


  • Hooking: TSRs Invade PM (Jan 1997)