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The Mantis Bug Tracker, commonly referred to as MantisBT is an extensible open source bug and issue tracking tool that operates via a web interface, it also sports some rudimentary project management features. MantisBT has proved to be popular with open source projects as it has features that are helpful for projects that do not have people working on it full time such as e-mail notifications and mobile web browser support and the project features, although simple, are often enough for smaller projects and mean that they can get away with just MantisBT an can skip setting up a management system such as Trac.


  • MantisBT 1.2.19 (2015-01-24)
  • MantisBT 2.13.1 (2018-04-04)
  • A web server
Most web servers can be made to work with MantisBT.
  • PHP version 5.1 or later
  • An SQL database
Amongst the supported on OS/2 are:



Originally in the public domain, early versions released under GPL v2, MantisBT is currently licensed under the GPL v3.

Authors and publisher

  • Kenzaburo Ito (Original author)
  • Jeroen Latour
  • Victor Boctor
  • Julian Fitzell