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A company founded in the mid 1980's by Dennis Saunders and based in Richardson, Texas, USA. Started out by selling MIX C, a simple C compiler for CP/M and DOS, MIX C it was possibly the slowest C compiler ever marketed and in general no one who bought it ever used it for any serious development, but it quickly became notable for the quality of its documentation and the company started to focus more on education in the coming years.

The company also has what appears to be the remaining stocks of some DOS utilities and development products from the now defunct V Communications company at reduced prices.


  • C/Database Toolchest - Multi-platform C database library
  • C/Math Toolchest
  • C/Utilities Toolchest
  • C/WinDOS Toolchest
  • Multi-C - portable library
  • Power C - C compiler for DOS
  • Power C Trace Debugger


  • MIX C - Simple C compiler for CP/M and DOS
  • MIX C Works - Bundle of all their mid/late 80's products
  • SuperC - C compiler for DOS

V Communications:

  • C-Clearly - C and C++ Source Code Formatter


  • Dennis Saunders (Main developer, originally VP and now CEO)