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An implementation of Scheme originally developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but development was handed over to the Free Software Foundation some time ago. It comes with its Edwin text editor and is reasonably full featured. As development has slowed down since the FSF takeover it only has partial support for R5RS and no support for the later two standards. Official OS/2 support was dropped in 2010 with the introduction of version 9.0, but in general the movement of the development process has been so slow that there is not a lot of difference between the current release and the 7.7.1 that is the last version that supports OS/2, and nowhere as much as version numbers and dates might suggest.


Note that there is no Version 8.x, the version numbers went from 7.7.1 to 9.0



Open source software, releases 7.5 and later are released under the GPL v3 licence, prior to that the software was released under the MIT Scheme License.