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MAID (Modular And Integrated Design) is software tool to create user interface front ends for prototyping and creating interfaces for REXX programs that is available for OS/2 and Microsoft Windows. The OS/2 version is included on "MAID Windows Professional Editor/Runtime Version 4.0 for Developers" and on "Maid V1.5 Basic Editor/Runtime"


MAID ScreenShot1.png
Here it is an example program running
  • Repetitive tasks on a GUI - Place repetitive tasks into a GUI front end. With MAID it's a ONE-STEP task
  • A Quick Simple Interface - Setup easy front-ends for complicated tasks. Make the PC easier to use and more accessible
  • Personalised Front-ends - Get your PC to perform your own specific tasks using personalised front-ends, customized on the fly
  • An Easy Database - Get your PC to create and use an Access Database without the need to have Access Installed
  • Extract data From The Net - Automatically download internet information and extract what you need
  • Simply Drawn Front-Ends that work INSTANTLY - You do not have to compile any programs
  • Why not use your computer to VISUALIZE what is happening - Make development, enhancement and prototyping EASIER
  • Easily create and customize your own interface - Make useful personal graphical visual front-end UTILITIES
  • Process information, send email and socket i/o functions
  • Activate and deactivate events for dialogs
  • Dynamic entryfield style manipulation
  • Dynamic resizing of dialogs
  • REXX - for decades, has been widely used on a number of platforms and mainframes to PC's
  • Revive your Old but USEFUL applications by giving them NEW LIFE - A complete visual front end using a few simple scripts
  • Use visual REXX variables - a button, entryfield, spreadsheet (entryfield array), scrollbar, spinbutton, slider etc
  • Link to variable events - when a variable changes run a specific Rexx Script
  • Run REXX scripts simultaneously - Multi-Thread REXX
  • Input/Output Library functions for windows - to enhance REXX Capability
  • Multi-Dialog/File scripts - to keep project files in one place - MAID Dialogs and files
  • Spreadsheet (entryfield array) control support - to visualise data more easily
  • Library Scripts - share common library routines in libraries made up of various files containing rexx routines
  • Additional Scripts - can now be placed at the end of a dialog script
  • Show Event - script can now be run when dialog becomes visible
  • ODBC Dataset Name - listing - creation - deletion
  • Container control - support enhanced from version 1.5
  • ODBC Database creation - support enhanced from version 1.5


  • OS/2 2.0 or later

Quick Tutorial

Create New project
  • To create a new object right click on an example and select "Create Another".
  • A new dialog is created in edit mode.
  • To add a button for example double click on button controls in the add dialog.
  • Then double click on Add Controls "Push button" that comes up.
  • Position the control element (button) and drop it.
  • Double click the new element to edit the Rexx script behind it or click control event "Click" in the edit object dialog.
  • Click the "Save" button to save the project.
Edit Existing Project
  • To edit and existing object right click and select Edit to edit it.
View Script
  • Right click the project and select "Open as -> Text Editor" to view the entire script.


  • MAID Version 1.5 for OS/2 (MAID 1.5 Basic Editor/Runtime version)
  • MAID 4.0 Professional Editor/Runtime Full developer version



Commercial Software


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