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The Epsilon Programmer's Editor is a multi-platform text editor that in addition to OS/2 is available for DOS, MS Windows, Linux, MacOS X and FreeBSD, and is sold as a platform independent license, i.e. you get a license to run it on all supported platforms. The program is very EMACS like and can take some EMACS extensions and offers a Brief command set compatibility as well. The OS/2 and DOS versions are no longer being developed but are sold and supported by the company.

This program was one of the first third party software to be shipped for the 16 bit version of OS/2 in 1987 (Epsilon 3.2).


  • Latest version: 13.12
  • Last version that runs on OS/2: 11.06
  • Last version that runs on DOS: 10.03


Syntax highlighting

Built in

Full "modes" are available for C, C++, EEL (Epsilon's own macro language), Java and Perl, but a mode offers syntax highlighting, statement completion (template editing) and automatic indenting amongst other features. Syntax highlighting is also built in for x86 Assembly language, HTML and TeX.

Optional downloads

Modes created by third party include support for Algol 68, Assembly language for Motorola 68HC12, AWK, Borland Make, CMake, Fortran 90, LISP, Matlab, Paradox PAL, PL/M, Ruby, SQL, Verilog, Web 68, xBase and XML. Note that a couple of these modes may not work with the OS/2 version, but most appear to do so.


  • Commercial


  • Todd Doucet