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An embedded object-oriented Basic like scripting language used by Lotus Development Corporation (Later IBM) as the default scripting language on all of their software products. The language has in particular a large number of objects available for use with Lotus Notes, Lotus Word Pro and Lotus 1-2-3, but it is also used on other Lotus SmartSuite products and software that commonly interface with Lotus Notes such as Domino Server and Domino Designer.

The core language itself has great similarities to Visual Basic and VisualAge for Basic and may even be considered a variation of those, but the object model and the available objects have been adapted for fit the application domain rather than general programming tasks.

  • Release 1 in Improv
  • Release 2 in Lotus Forms and Notes ViP
Editor support
  • jEdit - Java based editor - LotusScript syntax highlighting available as a separate download



  • LotusScript - IBM - has a good introduction to the language.
Tips and code snippets