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A suite of Java applets developed by the Lotus division of IBM in 1996/7 and intended to be a lightweight network centric alternative to the Lotus Smartsuite and other office suites. Basically the suite included a word processor, a presentation graphics app, a spreadsheet and a database application in addition to a small set of utility and communication programs that allowed the suite to access "legacy" applications and systems ranging from MS Windows PC's to mainframes.

The applications were not intended for power users and had feature sets that were squarely aimed at use on networked equipment such as thin clients, for instance the database application did not contain a database engine but rather had a Lotus Approach like front end that could be used to develop applications for SQL backends running on a server. The Lotus Kona applets were not used much on OS/2 as it was difficult to buy them on their own and their availability in late 1997 coincided with a late beta of Lotus Smartsuite which got all the attention of OS/2 users, the suite was shipped with the IBM Network Station and a similar device from Oracle called the Network Computer.

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