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EDM/2 Wiki Articles

Operating System

Remote IPL

by Micho Durdevich:


Software Reviews

Event Reports


EDM/2 Classic Articles


News and Editor letters

The News
by Oscar Gustafsson
1996: Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
1997: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
From the Editor
by Steve Luzynski

External Articles

OS/2 Internals


  • OS/2 Overview by Patrick Caldwell, Matt Kerster, Mike Roe, Mike Storck (2006)
  • OS/2 Overview by Dario Berini, Derek Cole, Drew Hayes, Leigh Johann, Matt Kesler (2005)
  • OS/2 Overview by Keith Ancowitz, Brian Henderson, James Mauss, Danielle Miller and Kyle Nevins (2003)
  • OS/2 Overview by Chris Algire, Jon Depner, Jason Shifflet, Daniel Kvitko, Ryan Slominski (2003)
  • OS/2 Overview by Chris Ashworth, Cameron Davis, John Weatherley (2003)
  • OS/2 Overview by Chris Axford, Chris Evans, Elizabeth McGinnis, Erik Swensson (2002)
  • OS/2 Overview by Matthew Liberati, Stephanie Engel, Kevin Koo, Kyu Oh (2002)
  • OS/2 Overview by Shawn Ortiz, John McAveney, Andrew Bates, Paul Graf, Kevin Tougher (2001)

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