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Last Updated: April 06, 2001

This page is formerly known as "Timur Tabi's Programming Links", from the old EDM/2 web site. The contents below are copied as-is, without any updates. Obviously, someone needs to go through all the links and update them. Also, Timur is no longer involved in OS/2 and has nothing to add on any of the information on this page.

This web page is a comprehensive list of all OS/2-related programming resources on the WWW. If you are looking for information on software development for IBM's OS/2 operating system, this web page is your first stop. All of the links on this page have be divided into 47 categories, so you're sure to find what you need.

One of the great things about OS/2 is that its programming models haven't changed much since it was released in 1987. That means that for over 14 years, developers have been making contributions to OS/2 that you can take advantage of today. Almost all OS/2 software written in the late 80's still works on the latest version of OS/2 Warp, which means that you never have to reinvent the wheel to get the most out of OS/2. Compare that to Windows, where Microsoft forces you to rewrite your software every few years just to stay competitive.

Most of the links are to OS/2-specific sources of information, however links to generic (i.e. not platform-specific) sources are sometimes included for completeness.

This page only lists WWW resources. There are no pointers to ftp-able files, with a very few notable exceptions. There are, however, pointers to search engines and other pages that can direct you to a particular file.

Items that have been struck-out have invalid links, but it is not known yet where the page has moved or whether they have been deleted. Any information as to the whereabouts of these webpages would be greatly appreciated.

Conferences, seminars, tutorials, and user groups

Need OS/2 training? Want to meet other OS/2 users and developers?

Support pages

Websites that provide a range of support options for OS/2 developers

  • Netlabs - A repository for OS/2 open-source projects

Online References

Manuals and other online guides on OS/2 programming

Magazines and articles with OS/2 programming content

FTP sites (or their WWW equivalents), search engines, and other indices

News groups

Low-level OS/2 programming

Device drivers, real-time control, hardware access, etc.


Java (OS/2-specific information here only)


Ada and Ada95

Modula-2, Modula-3, and Oberon-2

Assembly Language












  • VisualAge for RPG Client - IBM's RPG software runs on an AS/400 server and an OS/2 or Windows client, although the web page touts the Windows version
  • Visual Tools/400 - An extension to IBM's RPG compiler


Visual programming, CASE, RAD, etc.

Other Scripting and Messaging Languages

Alternatives to Rexx


Internet and Networking


Lotus Notes

OpenDoc and SOM

Distributed Computing

Embedded Systems

Presentation Manager (PM)

Multimedia, Graphics, and Game Development

XFree86/OS2 (X Windows for OS/2) and other Unix porting

Patches, updates, fixpacks, and corrective service diskettes (CSDs)

Installatation, configuration, and update

Create programs that install or configure your application

Version Control and Project Management

Copy Protection, Encryption, and Security

Applications with documented plug-in API's

Editors and Viewers


Documentation generators, converters, formatters, and parsers

Tools to work with help files and other documentation

  • PPWIZARD - A cross-platform text processing languages. I use it to make this web page.
  • PMStripper - Converts HTML to plain text
  • VyperHelp - A visual outliner and editor for creating and converting to/from online help for OS/2-based systems
  • DOC++ - A documentation system for C/C++ and Java that generates LaTeX and HTML.
  • HTMIPF - Free HTML->IPF Compiler

Links updated Nov 27, 2005.

Profilers, optimizers, validators, and listing generators

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