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This page is formerly known as "Timur Tabi's Programming Links", from the old EDM/2 web site. The content has seen some recent updates but is still not fully checked so you will find the odd dead link.

Most of the links are to OS/2-specific sources of information, however links to generic (i.e. not platform-specific) sources are sometimes included for completeness.

Other OS/2 and eComStation related web sites

  • eCSoft/2 - OS/2 & eCS software news an listings - By far the best updated and most comprehensive out there - In both Italian and English.
  • - Loads of info in Russian and English
  • OS/2 World - News, forums and Wiki.
  • OS/2 Warp News and Rumors
  • OS/2 and eComstation Korea South Korean user forums and so on, responsible for a number of OS/2 ports of UNIX software.
  • OS/ - Used to be a generic info page on OS/2 and eComStation issues but is now primarily a German language forum, but as such all in all more popular than any English language one.
  • WarpServer Blog - In German - News snippets on new and updated OS/2 software and more detailed blog postings on older ones.
  • Alex Chapman OS/2 Home Page - Tad outdated in parts but useful info buried in between.
  • Wisdomtree - Collection of eCS & OS/2 related links.

There are also a few related groups that have become invite only in the last couple of years.

OS/2 related blogs

Conferences, seminars and user groups

Want to meet other OS/2 and eComstation users and developers?

Companies and individuals offering OS/2 and eComStation services

  • BWW Bitwise Works - Austrian company that offers custom OS/2 programming services and more.
  • Arca Noae - USA based company, offers driver updates and sundry custom install, development and deployment services.
  • XEU - Dutch company that offers the eComStation OS and sundry related services
  • Sangriso - Italian integrator, provides all common services and sales locally.
  • Neil Waldhauer aka Blond Guy - California, USA, does consulting and support of OS/2 related systems.
  • Russ Harvey - OS/2 consultation and services in Canada

Project and source hosting

Websites that provide a range of support options for OS/2 developers, the big two are SourceForge and GitHub and they have their own separate pages.

  • Codeplex - Microsoft's alternative, good but not flexible about licenses - Free
  • Gitorius - Less popular alternative to GitHub - Free for open source projects
  • Bitbucket - Offers both free and paid project hosting - not as flexible as some of the others.
  • Code Base - Project hosting - Not free but inexpensive and has more features than most free alternatives.
  • Launchpad - Project hosting - Primarily intended for open source projects.
  • Jira - Paid for only
  • Unfuddle - Paid for project hosting

See also: Configuration management

Online References

Manuals and other online guides on OS/2 programming

Programming related news groups, forums and mailing lists

Magazines and articles with OS/2 programming content

FTP sites (or their WWW equivalents), search engines, and other indices

Low-level OS/2 programming

Device drivers, real-time control, hardware access, etc.

Visual programming, CASE, RAD, etc.

Embedded Systems

Presentation Manager (PM)

Multimedia, Graphics, and Game Development

  • Crystal Space - A free 3D engine for OS/2 and other OS's, note that only older versions have explicit OS/2 support, but the code is fairly portable.
  • BlobCity - An OS/2 game like SimCity, with great multithreading and full source code

Version Control and Project Management

  • Opus Make - A cross-platform powerful make utility

Copy Protection, Encryption, and Security

  • SecureIt - Registration protection for your shareware application

Applications with documented plug-in API's

Editors and Viewers


Historical computing and programming

  • Historic Documents in Computer Science by Karl Kleine at the Jena University, the latter being historically important since it was the primus motor behind the early ALGOL development, unusual for a then East European country.

Other Languages

  • Développer sous OS/2 - A list like this one, but in French
  • PIDO/2 - Italian translation project for eComStation and individual software packages.

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