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This page is formerly known as "Timur Tabi's Programming Links", from the old EDM/2 web site. The content has seen some recent updates but is still not fully checked so you will find the odd dead link.

Most of the links are to OS/2-specific sources of information, however links to generic (i.e. not platform-specific) sources are sometimes included for completeness.

Other OS/2 and eComStation related web sites

  • eCSoft/2 - OS/2 & eCS software news an listings - By far the best updated and most comprehensive out there - In both Italian and English.
  • - Loads of info in Russian and English
  • OS/2 World - News, forums and Wiki.
  • OS/2 Warp News and Rumors
  • OS/2 and Ecomstation Korea South Korean user forums and so on, responsible for a number of OS/2 ports of UNIX software.
  • OS/ - Used to be a generic info page on OS/2 and eComStation issues but is now primarily a German language forum, but as such all in all more popular than any English language one.
  • WarpServer Blog - In German - News snippets on new and updated OS/2 software and more detailed blog postings on older ones.
  • Nightcall BBS - These are the archives of what used to be the Scandinavian BBS, outdated but contains a lot of old files there that are not to be found anywhere else.
  • Alex Chapman OS/2 Home Page - Tad outdated in parts but useful info buried in between.
  • Wisdomtree - Collection of eCS & OS/2 related links.
OS/2 related Facebook groups

There are also a few related groups that have become invite only in the last couple of years.

OS/2 related blogs
Twitter accounts
  • OS/2 JP - Japanese language OS/2 related twitter account, mostly major news only

Conferences, seminars and user groups

Want to meet other OS/2 and eComstation users and developers?

Companies and individuals offering OS/2 and eComStation services

  • BWW Bitwise Works - Austrian company that offers custom OS/2 programming services and more.
  • Arca Noae - USA based company, offers driver updates and sundry custom install, development and deployment services.
  • XEU - Dutch company that offers the eComStation OS and sundry related services
  • Sangriso - Italian integrator, provides all common services and sales locally.
  • ERA Computers & Consulting - Tennessee, USA - Most consulting and installation work plus eCS pre-loaded systems.
  • Neil Waldhauer aka Blond Guy - California, USA, does consulting and support of OS/2 related systems.
  • Russ Harvey - OS/2 consultation and services in Canada

Translation projects and tools

  • PIDO/2 - Italian translation project for eComStation and individual software packages.

Project and source hosting

Websites that provide a range of support options for OS/2 developers, the big two are SourceForge and GitHub and they have their own separate pages.

  • Codeplex - Microsoft's alternative, good but not flexible about licenses - Free
  • Gitorius - Less popular alternative to GitHub - Free for open source projects
  • Bitbucket - Offers both free and paid project hosting - not as flexible as some of the others.
  • Code Base - Project hosting - Not free but inexpensive and has more features than most free alternatives.
  • Launchpad - Project hosting - Primarily intended for open source projects.
  • Google Code hosting - Reliable but has been shedding features lately and will be shut down in 2016
  • Jira - Paid for only
  • Unfuddle - Paid for project hosting
  • Smalltalk Hub - Free open source hosting for Smalltalk related projects.

See also: Configuration management

Online References

Manuals and other online guides on OS/2 programming

Programming related news groups, forums and mailing lists

Magazines and articles with OS/2 programming content

FTP sites (or their WWW equivalents), search engines, and other indices

Low-level OS/2 programming

Device drivers, real-time control, hardware access, etc.


Visual programming, CASE, RAD, etc.



Embedded Systems

Presentation Manager (PM)

Multimedia, Graphics, and Game Development

Unix porting

Installatation, configuration, and update

Create programs that install or configure your application

Version Control and Project Management

Copy Protection, Encryption, and Security

  • SecureIt - Registration protection for your shareware application

Applications with documented plug-in API's

Editors and Viewers


Documentation generators, converters, formatters, and parsers

Tools to work with help files and other documentation

  • HTMIPF - Free HTML->IPF Compiler


Historical computing and programming

  • Historic Documents in Computer Science by Karl Kleine at the Jena University, the latter being historically important since it was the primus motor behind the early ALGOL development, unusual for a then East European country.