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Lachlan O'Dea starting using OS/2 back at version 1.3 and has recently started fooling around with PM programming and such. He'd like to work on a big OS/2 project like a game one day.

Lachlan works at Cybec, providing technical support for VET anti-virus software.


Republishing Permission
Lachlan O'Dea gave permission to post his OS/2 articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. Martin Iturbide received this permission on November 2 of 2012 via Google+.

Software Developed

  • Laser Chess (DOS): A DOS strategy game.
  • DS (OS/2): An OS/2 program which gives information on free disk space.
  • FT (OS/2 - REXX): An OS/2 REXX program for fooling around with the .TYPE extended attribute.
  • Mark (DOS): A DOS program for storing your academic results.