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Text editing software specifically adapted to edit LaTeX files with, introduced by Ed Baker Technical Services in 1993 for OS/2 and DOS. LaCoD was based on the Blackbeard programmer's text editor but added a number of features intended for making it easier to edit and create LaTex files with these included on top of the features BlackBeard included a LaTeX specific Language Expansion Module and Hypertext Help System, the latter including help on LaTeX command and not just on the program itself and possibly the most valuable part of the system.

The Language Expansion Module simply gave you a hierarchical menu of LaTex commands and syntax highlighting. LaCoD came onto the market just as people were starting to migrate from character mode text editors to GUI solutions and it therefore sold in somewhat limited numbers, it also was a bit lacking in interactive features but even older packages like emTeX offered better interactivity. It also sorely lacked a LaTeX aware spell checker, something that the author of the program offered a hideously complex remedy for on USENET postings.


  • Version 1.0 is the only known one.
  • LaTeX v2.09 or higher
  • DOS v3.3 or higher with 640k or more RAM, or OS/2 v2.x or higher

License and availability

  • Discontinued commercial software, originally retailed for USD 60.


  • Ed Baker Technical Services (Norfolk, Massachusetts)