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Linkright parallel port driver. LinkRight is a serial and parallel port file transfer utility for OS/2.



  • /Q:7 uses IRQ7 or /Q:5 uses IRQ5.

These are the only IRQs supported. Interrupt driven mode can only be used if PRINT01.SYS or PRINT02.SYS also uses the same interrupt. If no /Q option is selected, polled is assumed.

  • /P

is for polled. This is a useless option, since it is the default.

  • /A:3BC or /A:378 or /A:278

select the address of the LPT port for LinkRight to use. If this parameter is used, only one address can be specified. Then, when you select Connect from the LinkRight menu, no matter which LPT port you select, either LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3, LinkRight will use the address specified. If this parameter is not included, LinkRight reads the BIOS info at bootup time to get the LPT addresses.

  • /M

is to specify Micro Channel machines. For some Micro Channel systems when booted from bootable floppies, LinkRight would not see that it was Micro Channel and would assume an ISA bus. This caused the driver to fail. So if you boot your Micro Channel system from floppies and the LinkRight driver displays a message at bootup time saying an ISA bus was found, use this parameter to fix the problem.

The preferred and suggested mode of use is no parameters on the LRPAR.SYS line in CONFIG.SYS. You can add parameters if there are any problems.

Platform Support:
OS/2 2.x OS/2 3.0 OS/2 4.0 OS/2 4.5x
Yes Yes Yes Yes