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Name Live Parsing Extensible Editor
Version 4.0 (1998)
Vendor IBM
Licence Commercial

LPEX (Live Parsing Extensible Editor) comes with the VisualAge C++ 3.0 and 4.0 packages and most other IBM development tools in the VisualAge family. This programmer's editor is fully configurable and programmable, with syntax highlighting and more. The "live parsing" feature means that you are warned immediately if you forget a closing "" for example for a string within a C or C++ source.


  • Language parsing uses automatic indenting, colour and text effects
  • Locations marking facilities
  • Multiple editing views and windows
  • Editor programming language
  • Alternate editor personalities (BRIEF, EPM, SEU, XEDIT, ISPF)

VisualAge C++ 4.0 integrated the editor (LPEX V4R0) into the IDE. Its command shell can be brought up by the keyboard shortcut "F9" when the editor pane is focused.

It is also possible to use the editor alone. Open the "Command Line" window in the VisualAge C++ desktop folder, go to the "bin" directory and type cppxlx40. This will bring up the editor window.


  • Version 2 Release 1 (1997)
  • Version 4 Release 0 (1998)

Source and References


See documentation included with VisualAge C++ and VisualAge for RPG.


  • SC09-2795-00: LPEX Editor User's Guide - IBM 1998