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A C library package introduced by a company called Crystal Software in 1990, it was intended allow developers to port code written for the Lattice C development system to other compilers and systems. It contained libraries compatible with the DOS and OS/2 System libraries but also copied most of the OS/2 Simulation library as well, supported target compilers included Watcom C, Borland C, Microsoft C and Zortech C. The package was also sold by Zortech under the name Lattice C Compatibility Kit but was exactly the same as LC-Port and included support for all the compilers, not just the Zortech one.

In addition to Lattice-compatible libraries the package has header files that will not conflict with the header files from other compilers and macro files to simplify conversion of assembly language functions.

Licence and availability

Discontinued commercial software

  • Original RRP US$ 125 without source code
  • Original RRP US$ 250 with source code


  • Crystal Software