Kudzu Text Editor

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Kudzu Text Editor
Name Kudzu Text Editor
Version 2.16 (2001)
Vendor Kudzu Software
Author Don Radick
Licence Two Clause BSD License
KED 001.png

The Kudzu Text Editor (KEd) is a small, fast and fairly simple open source text mode editor that nonetheless manages to cram in a few interesting features, including:

  • Shell to a new session
  • Safe Save - All files are save to a temporary file name and then automatically renamed.
  • Block quoting

But is lacking in some key areas such as mouse support and assignable keyboard mappings, the actual keyboard mapping utilised for the package is the same as used for Borland Sidekick.

Some of the limitation of the editor such as the 36 open file limit are due to the use of the Borland toolkit and it may be possible to get around them simply by compiling it under a more modern development system.


  • 2.03 (May 1993)
  • 2.04 (May 1993)
  • 2.07 (Apr 1994)
  • 2.16 (Jul 1995) - ked216.zip

Requires: OS/2 2.0 or later. Source code is written in C++ and is known to compile with Borland C++ and IBM C Set++ for OS/2