KbdSetStatus (FAPI)

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This call sets the characteristics of the keyboard.


KbdSetStatus (StatData, KbdHandle)


StatData (PKBDINFO) - input 
Address of the keyboard status structure:
length (USHORT) : Length, in bytes, of this data structure, including length.
10 - Only valid value.
sysstate (USHORT) : The system state altered by this call. If bits 0 and 1 are off, the echo state of the system is not altered. If bits 2 and 3 are off, the binary and ASCII state of the system is not altered. If bits 0 and 1 are on, or if bits 2 and 3 are on, the function returns an error. If binary mode is set, echo is ignored.
Bit     Description
15-9    Reserved, set to zero  
8       Shift return is on  
7       Length of the turn-around character (meaningful only if bit 6 is on).  
6       Turn-around character is modified  
5       Interim character flags are modified  
4       Shift state is modified  
3       ASCII mode is on  
2       Binary mode is on  
1       Echo off  
0       Echo on 
turnchardef (USHORT) : Definition of the turn-around character. In ASCII and extended-ASCII format, the turn-around character is defined as the carriage return. In ASCII format only, the turn-around character is defined in the low-order byte.
intcharflag (USHORT) : Interim character flags:
Bit     Description 
15-8    NLS shift state. 
7       Interim character flag is on 
6       Reserved, set to zero 
5       Application requested immediate conversion 
4-0     Reserved, set to zero
shiftstate (USHORT) : Shift state.
Bit      Description 
15       SysReq key down 
14       CapsLock key down 
13       NumLock key down 
12       ScrollLock key down 
11       Right Alt key down 
10       Right Ctrl key down 
9        Left Alt key down 
8        Left Ctrl key down 
7        Insert on 
6        CapsLock on 
5        NumLock on 
4        ScrollLock on 
3        Either Alt key down 
2        Either Ctrl key down 
1        Left Shift key down 
0        Right Shift key down
KbdHandle (HKBD) - input 
Default keyboard or the logical keyboard.

Return Code

rc (USHORT) - return

Return code descriptions are:

  • 0 NO_ERROR


Shift return (bit 8 in sysstate) must be disabled in ASCII mode.

KbdSetStatus is ignored for a Vio-windowed application.

Family API Considerations

Some options operate differently in the DOS mode than in the OS/2 mode. Therefore, the following restrictions apply to KbdSetStatus when coding in the DOS mode:

  • KbdSetStatus does not accept a bit mask of 10 (ASCII on, Echo Off).
  • Raw (binary) Mode and Echo On are not supported and return an error if requested.
  • KbdHandle is ignored.
  • Interim character is not supported.
  • Turnaround character is not supported.

Example Code

C Binding

typedef struct _KBDINFO {     /* kbst */
  USHORT cb;                  /* length in bytes of this structure */
  USHORT fsMask;              /* bit mask of functions to be altered */
  USHORT chTurnAround;        /* define TurnAround character */
  USHORT fsInterim;           /* interim character flags */
  USHORT fsState;             /* shift states */

#define INCL_KBD

USHORT  rc = KbdSetStatus(Structure, KbdHandle);

PKBDINFO         Structure;     /* Data structure */
HKBD             KbdHandle;     /* Keyboard Handle */

USHORT           rc;            /* return code */

MASM Binding

  kbst_cb           dw  ? ;length in bytes of this structure
  kbst_fsMask       dw  ? ;bit mask of functions to be altered
  kbst_chTurnAround dw  ? ;define TurnAround character
  kbst_fsInterim    dw  ? ;interim character flags
  kbst_fsState      dw  ? ;shift states

EXTRN  KbdSetStatus:FAR
INCL_KBD            EQU 1

PUSH@  OTHER   Structure     ;Data structure
PUSH   WORD    KbdHandle     ;Keyboard Handle
CALL   KbdSetStatus

Returns WORD

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