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A multi-platform programmers text editor that is a functional clone of XEDIT developed by the Mansfield Software Group. For macro programming purposes the DOS and MS Windows versions come with their own REXX like interpreter called KEXX as does the OS/2 version, but the latter can also make use of the REXX version built into the OS, and since KEXX is less functional than the OS/2 version that is the recommended use.

Originally developed as a text mode application for DOS and OS/2 with the OS/2 version being very popular for a time, later a MS Windows GUI version was added and development of the text mode versions stopped more or less, but the company has continued to support the text mode versions.

In 2007 the proprietors of the company announced that they would be winding the company down slowly and would discontinue sales of all their products except for existing customers after 2009, in 2014 the company announced its closure and the discontinuation of all sales. In December 2015 the company somewhat out of the blue however announced that even though the editor was still in maintenance mode, they would start selling KEDIT licences again to anyone that wanted them and not just prior customers, at the same time the company announced that the maintenance and support would continue until 2017 at the least and a new release 1.6.1 of the product had been made available that fixed some Windows 8 & 10 related bugs.

Note that there have been at the least 7 open source and commercial text editors called KEdit, most of them intended for the KDE-Windows system on Linux, none of them have any relation to the original KEDIT program and should not be mistaken for it and all bar a few minor players agreed to change their name after being contacted by Mansfield.


Kedit screen.gif
  • Latest OS/2 version: 5.00 SL4

Language Support

  • English - Built in
  • There was a French language version available at some point in time (mid/late 80's, KEDIT 3.x era) but none of the modern versions of the editor offer support for anything but English.

Scripts, extensions, libraries and new language support files


Advert for KEDIT on OS/2 & DOS ca 1989
  • Commercial - Discontinued