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Julien is a programmer who has been developing the OS/2 version of DSMI since 1994. He worked for IBM on the NLS French version of OS/2 Warp and managed the Team OS/2 France BBS for two years. Julien now lives in the Silicon Valley and works on online banking server applications for OS/2 and Windows NT. He is also the founder of Theta Band Software, an OS/2 multimedia software company, at http://www.thetaband.com/.

You can direct any questions about DSMI to Julien Pierre by e-mail at madbrain@thetaband.com. The DSMI Toolkit can be found at http://www.thetaband.com/dsmi/. DSMI applications can be found at http://www.madbrain.com/software.html. Julien is often on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) as madbrain on the channel #os2coders.


Republishing Permission
Julian Pierre gave permission to republish his articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. Martin Iturbide received this confirmation via email on 06-Mar-2012.