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A multi-platform open source C library for creating, reading and writing JPEG graphic files, with a very limited support for reading and writing GIF files as well. It was originally created in 1991 by a group known as the Independent JPEG Group as a reference implementation and library for the JPEG file format and is widely used and has been forked a numerus times in search for more compression or faster speeds.


  • LibC Version (Netlabs RPM repository): "yum install libjpeg" (2016-11-30)
  • EMX version: Jpeglib 9.b (2016-07-02) Requires EMX 0.9c or later.



Open source software released under the BSD like Jpeglib Licence

Authors & publisher

  • Independent JPEG Group
  • Thomas G. Lane (Original author)
  • Guido Vollbeding (Original Maintainer)
  • Bob Friesenhahn (Current maintainer)
  • Lee Howard (Current maintainer)
  • Jonathan Ciesla (Current maintainer)
  • Frank Warmerdam (Current maintainer)
  • Mikuláš Patočka (OS/2 port)