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Jeri Dube was an Advisory Planner for the Workplace OS product and a Senior Marketing Support specialist in the PSP Marketing organization. Jeri worked as a Planner for the OS/2 Warp Connect (PowerPC Edition) product. During her eclectic career at IBM, Jeri has had a variety of roles ranging from Planning Manager to Marketing Rep to Manufacturing Consultant.


Republishing Information
Jeri Dube gave permission to republish her OS/2 articles under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Martin Iturbide obtained this permission via LinkedIn on January 14 of 2013. Jeri remarked that IBM has also the rights over her articles.
OS/2 Warp Monthly Newsletter
  • OS/2 Warp Connect: A Suite Idea (Jun 1995)
  • Choosing the Right 32-bit Operating System (Aug 1995)
  • Thoughts on Creating a Portable Application (Aug 1995)
  • TD-Gammon: From Neural Network to OS/2 Game (Sep 1995)
  • Taligent Delivers Object Technology (Nov 1995)