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An open source multi-platform programmer's editor that in addition to OS/2 is available for DOS, VMS (VAX), Microsoft Windows, QNX, BeOS and compiles on a few UNIX like platforms as well. Uses S-Lang as its macro language.


  • Last known version: JED v0.99-19 (2009-12-13) - OS/2 version supplied in source code format only.
  • Last known OS/2 binary release: JED v0.98-4.


Similar in concept to the modes on some UNIX editors, but a JED mode can offer anything from simple syntax highlighting to a heavily modified editing environment courtesy of the built in S-Lang interpreter, however most supplied and contributed modes are but simple syntax highlighting modes for a computer language or input/output filters for a file format, sometimes also offering something resembling auto indent and autocompletion.

JED is supplied with modes for GNU Info files including support for compressed info files, ispell, man pages



  • John E. Davis
  • John Burnell (OS/2 port)
  • Darrel Hankerson (OS/2 port)
  • Dominik Wujastyk (OS/2 port)