Iron Spring PL/I

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Iron Spring PL/I
Name Iron Spring PL/I
Version 0.9.10c (Sep 2020)
Vendor Iron Spring Software
Author Peter Flass
Licence Freeware

The Iron Spring PL/I compiler is a PL/I compiler supporting both Linux and OS/2. The language implementation is a sub-set of the full PL/I "standard", but larger than classic sub-sets like G and slowly gaining more language features with each release.


The libraries supplied with the program are open sourced under the LGPL v2.1.


  • 0.9.10c (2020-09-16)
  • 0.9.10b (2019-07-01)
ASIN builtin
  • 0.9.10a (2017-11-07)
Adds support for displaying a source line number in run-time error messages, and adds the ROUND command.
  • 0.9.8 (2015-06-15)
This version adds the builtins REVERSE, AFTER, BEFORE, TRIM, LTRIM, RTRIM, and SEARCH. It also adds the ability to do array assignments of adjustable arrays, and optimizes assignments of arrays with matching attributes to a block move.
  • 0.9.6 (2014-02-12)