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A cross-platform shareware Pascal interpreter initially introduced in 1998 which conforms to the ISO/IEC 7185 "Standard Pascal" definition. Originally a true multi-PC platform program with editions for most available x86 PC systems including DOS and OS/2 but is by now focused mostly on a MS Windows version although versions for sundry Unix like OS's are still offered but with slightly fewer capabilities than the Windows version and lack an integrated IDE.

The 1.x branch is a fairly standard Pascal interpreter with a limited number of libs, but the 2.x branch of Irie Pascal got a number of language extensions and libraries that support amongst other things database programming via ODBC and direct support of MySQL, and web related technologies such as the Common Gateway Interface (CGI).

Note that the documentation from Irie Tools Ltd. is slightly misleading in that it talks about Irie Pascal as a compiler, actually it is a classic p-code interpreter that compiles code to a P-Machine, but although the system does compile in a certain sense of the word it is still technically an interpreter.


  • Last Known OS/2 and DOS version: 2.10
  • Last known Solaris/Linux/FreeBSD/Windows version: 2.6


  • Discontinued. Shareware/Commercial.
  • List prices are 59.99 Euros - 79.99 USD - 39.99 UKP
  • Note that prices were initially cheaper and that the company did at one time offer "universal licenses", i.e. one license that gave you the rights to use it on any supported OS.


  • Stuart King
  • Irie Tools Limited