Internationalization Glossary

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Code Page
A specification of code points for each graphic character in a set or in a collection of graphic characters. Within a code page, a code point may have only one specific meaning. Synonyms: code set.
Code Point
A unique bit pattern defined by 7-bits, 8-bits, 16-bits or other bit combinations. Code points are assigned graphic or control characters in a code page. Synonyms: bit representation, encoding.
1) The process which ensures that our software will run seamlessly and correctly in every country of the world. 2) The process which ensures that our software allows users in different countries to collaborate and share information.
An object that encapsulates the data and functions whose implementation depends upon a specific country or culture, such as date and time formatting, character conversion, classification, and collation.
The re-expression of concepts in another language; not the replacement of one word with another.
Universal Language Support; a set of functions and utilities for addressing internationalization support in Workplace.
A 16-bit character encoding maintained by the Unicode Consortium capable of representing all the significant printable characters of the world.

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