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An open source project initiated by Brian Smith with the aim of creating a free tool for OS/2 that performed the same functions as InstallShield, while the Installer/2 was delivered the companion Uninstaller/2 program that was supposed to reverse the actions of Installer/2 actually never saw the light of day. By 1999 Installer/2 was supposedly more or less functionally complete and had the following features:

  • Self-installation (aka InstallShield)
  • Config.Sys updating.
  • WPS object creation.
  • Logging (for later installation)
  • Deleting copied files after cancellation.
  • Progress indicator.
  • Completely configurable for each program.

However the project homepage went down in 2002 and the source code went with it, no-one appears to have had the presence of mind to upload the source to any of the popular OS/2 file sites and as the program was intended as a developers tool and not an end-user too like WarpIN there were never any binaries released and it appears that the project is therefore lost in time.


  • Brian Smith