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Welcome to the fourth issue of The Developer Connection News! This means that we've been providing the most up-to-date information, as well as development and productivity tools for a whole year.

Those of you who have been with us since our beginning have had access to the latest toolkits to help with development efforts for...

  • OS/2
  • Multimedia
  • Pen for OS/2
  • SOM

...exiting Betas...

  • SMP
  • New 32-bit character-mode APIs
  • The S.M.A.R.T Tool
  • 32-bit OS/2 toolkit utilities

...source code...

  • OpenDoc components
  • Bidirectional Language Support Developer's Kit
  • Workplace shell samples

...a variety of internally-developed tools, up-to-date documentation and a number of product demos!

Plus, you get The Developer Connection News, your source of information for all of your development efforts!

But, Time is Running Out!

If this is your fourth issue of The Developer Connection News, it's time for you to renew. Don't be left out of the exciting plans we have for the coming year.

This year, we will be providing you with even more source code, OS/2 and Workplace Betas, and up-to-the-minute refreshes on toolkits. In The Developer Connection News, we'll be bringing you articles on OpenDoc, Multimedia, Universal Language Support, Workplace, and yes, good 'ol OS/2 programming.

Let's face it; if you're doing OS/2 development, you need to continue to receive The Developer Connection for OS/2!

In This Issue

This issue of The Developer Connection News explores the Debug Kernel, continues to investigate communication between OS/2 and WIN-OS/2 sessions and OpenDoc technology, and fills you in on areas, paths, and clipping. Also, don't miss our feature story on FLC and FLI technology within OS/2 multimedia, the discussion on the future of multimedia, or the explanation of writing object-oriented I/O procedures.

We also are continuing to answer your commonly asked Workplace questions, as well as providing you with informative Tips and Techniques. And, remember many of the articles have accompanying source code on the CD-ROM.

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