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by Stacey Miller

I, too, would like to say "Happy Anniversary" to all of you who have stayed with us through the past year. It certainly has been an exciting year, and with the advent of the next release of OS/2 and OS/2 for PowerPC, this coming year will prove to be just as exciting.

You might have noticed some changes to The Developer Connection News. First, this issue has grown from 20 to 24 pages. The "LAN Systems Connections" will bring you insights and tips from the LAN Systems group out in Austin. "Pearls from the Shell" will bring you hints, tips, and future directions from the Workplace Shell group right here in Boca. In addition to these new sections, look for more articles on tools, tips and techniques, and an expanded question and answer column that comes straight from our forums.

Second, with this issue, we begin a new series on OS/2 for PowerPC. Although the first article is an introduction to Workplace (the technology behind OS/2 for PowerPC), you can rest assured that we've got a very exciting series lined up... everything from OS/2 for PowerPC Tools to PowerPC Nuts and Bolts to Using OS/2 for PowerPC to Exploit Object Technology. So, look for these in future issues of The Developer Connection News.

In This Issue

For all our device driver writers, we've got several articles that should be of interest: Monte Copeland and Mike Cooper provide insight to the New and Improved GRE22 Printer Device Driver Model, Frank Schroeder shows you how to Make your Device Driver APM Aware, Steve Mastrianni continues his discussion on Writing Device Drivers - A Brief Look at OS/2 SMP.

And, for all of our OS/2 multimedia enthusiasts, Darren Dobkin DIVEs into OS/2 Games; while, Linden deCarmo brings you into the DSP Age. If your interested in development tools, Michelle Harr and Tina Lemire provide hints and tips for using Extra (the execution trace analyzer) and Pat Gerstle tells you how to Get the Bugs Out!

Programming in the OS/2 environment, building your product, and converting programs from SOM 1.0 to SOM 2.0, it's all in there!

So, don't spend any more time reading this column, get to the good stuff!

Stacey Miller

Editor, The Developer Connection News

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