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This is a list of VX-REXX 2.1d bugs that was originally collected and published by Bastian Märkisch and but has been updated by the EDM/2 contributors.

ComboBox / DropDownComboBox object

These objects don't handle the LM_INSERTMULTITEMS PM messages (unlike 'ordinary' PM combo boxes)

Fix: send this message to child with id 0x instead

ComboBox object

Combo boxes no longer accept input from keyboard if they have a 'KeyPress' event routine assigned

Fix: [if you know any, please submit!]

Accelerators (feature)

Accelerators of windows with the 'Visible' property set to '0' don't have their accelerators deactivated.

Fix: [if you know any, please submit!]

KeyString property

(at least on German keyboards). The comma on the numeric key block is always assigned '{Del}' independent from current NumLock setting

Fix: [if you know any, please submit!]

PostEvent method (undocumented behaviour)

'FocusObject' parameter is defined for retrieval by VRInfo (not documented) - (there might be even more - not checked)

Button / Verify Event (feature)

If a button has 'NoPointerFocus' set to '1' this disables the generation of 'Verify' events when the button is activated

Fix: you might consider to fix this behaviour by adding the following code to the button's 'Click' event routine

  AnyButton_click: procedure         /* important: only local signal handler */
    object = VRInfo( "Object" )
    verified = VRInfo( "Verified" )     /* object of previous verify, if any */
    focus  = VRMethod( "Screen", "GetFocusWindow", "Object" )
                                                    /* get real focus object */

    if VRGet( object, "NoPointerFocus" ) & \            /* handle verifies ? */
       (verified \= focus) & \                       /* verified it before ? */
       (focus \= '') then do                    /* is there a focus object ?
      signal on syntax name AnyButton_Syntax    
      verify = VRGet( focus, "Verify" )
      signal off syntax
                      /* rude way to determine if object has a verify event, */
                      /* could have used 'ListProperties' method instead     */

      if verify \= '' then do             /* does object have verify event ? */
        ok = VRMethod( focus,  "PostEvent", "Verify" )
                                        /* post verify event to focus object */
        ok = VRMethod( object, "PostEvent", "Click", "Verified", focus_window )
                              /* re-post click event to button  and give     */
                              /* the verify event routine a chance to cancel */

    /* go on with the real work */
    /* ... */

VRLoadSecondary function

Standard 'VRLoadSecondary' in section 'Main' generates NoValue exceptions

Fix: replace VRLoadSecondary in Main section with the following code

      __vrlsWait = abbrev( 'WAIT', translate(arg(2)), 1 )
      if __vrlsWait then
          call VRFlush
      if arg(3,"Exists") then
          __vrlsParent = arg(3)
          __vrlsParent = VRWindow()
      /*    __vrlsParent = VRInfo( 'Window' ) */
      __vrlsHWnd = VRLoad( __vrlsParent, VRWindowPath(), arg(1) )
      if __vrlsHWnd = '' then signal __vrlsDone
      if \ __vrlsWait    then signal __vrlsDone
      call VRSet __vrlsHWnd, 'WindowMode', 'Modal' 
      if( symbol('__vrlsWindows.0') \== 'VAR' ) then
          __vrlsTmp = 1
          __vrlsTmp = __vrlsWindows.0 + 1
      __vrlsWindows.__vrlsTmp = VRWindow( __vrlsHWnd )
      __vrlsWindows.0 = __vrlsTmp
      do while( VRIsValidObject( VRWindow() ))
          __vrlsEvent = VREvent()
        interpret __vrlsEvent
      __vrlsTmp = __vrlsWindows.0
      __vrlsWindows.0 = __vrlsTmp - 1
      call VRWindow __vrlsWindows.__vrlsTmp 
      __vrlsHWnd = ''
  return __vrlsHWnd


IDE crashes when trying to delete a section which starts with an underscore

VX/REXX IDE and ObjectRexx

VX/REXX's routine to retrieve error information from a program 'VRERRTXT' crashes on line 3, no error information

Client/Server edition bugs

Installation issues

The 2.1 version of Watcom VX-REXX Client/Server Edition will not install correctly on modern versions of OS/2, this may also impact the normal version of the system but has not been tested.

Query object (severe)

The 'RowData' method does not check if there actually is data available; if not calling 'RowData' might cause system hangs!

Fix: Check for data first (e.g. with 'MoveFirst')

Query object


The 'Search' method and QueryManager interpret all colons in SQLStatement as references to variables even if they are inside strings

Fix: [not known]


Query manager can't properly handle references to stem variables in 'SQLStatement'

Fix: just ignore it - the 'Query' object can handle them

Query object: Bound variables

Only numeric fields are properly supported by the 'BindVar' method, since no string delimiters are placed around the value. This leads to errors when interpreting the generated events.

Fix: no general fix - don't use it, use 'RowData' method instead

If you really need to use it you might consider the following:

Use a specific naming convention for bound variables: e.g. 'BoundVar'xxxx

Insert the following code into the main loop in 'Main' section:

      do while( \ VRGet( _VREPrimaryWindow, "Shutdown" ) )
        _VREEvent = VREvent()

        /* hack for bound vars */
        if abbrev(_VREEvent,'BoundVar',8) then do
          parse var _VREEvent __FixVar__ '=' __FixValue__
          _VREEvent = __FixVar__  "= '" || strip(__FixValue__,'L') || "'" 

        interpret _VREEvent

BTW: Does anybody know why it was implemented using events in the first place?