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IDA or "Interactive DisAssembler" is a disassembler with debugging functions that supports a huge variety of CPU architectures and file formats. Originally a shareware OS/2 application that disassembled native and DOS executable only but later gained a DOS extended version and a MS Windows console port. The current version has bee re-written from scratch and now supports MS Windows, Mac OSX and Linux only, and has replaced the internal C like macro language with the use of Python.

Originally released as shareware and published from Saint-Petersburg in Russia, but the auhtor and his company have since relocated to Belgium.


  • Last known OS/2 version: 4.x (not certain which, OS/2 support was there in 4.1 but had been dropped by 4.6)
  • Current version: 6.7.141229 - 2014-12-29


  • Shareware/Commercial - OS/2 version discontinued


  • Ilfak Guilfanov
  • DataRescue (Original publisher)
  • Hex-Rays (current publisher)