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VisualAge PL/I 2.0 is the follow-on product to PL/I for OS/2 V1.2 and PL/I for Windows V1.2.


It was delivered in two editions: Standard or Professional. The standard package includes:

  • OS/2 compiler and run time
  • Windows NT compiler and run time
  • WorkFrame (Windows only)
  • LPEX Editor
  • Interactive debugging tool
  • Performance Analyzer
  • Visual GUI builder (OS/2 only)

The professional package contains everything from the standard package plus additional components for Windows users:

  • Year 2000 Analysis tool
  • Application Understanding tool
  • Remote IMS DL/I support

VisualAge PL/I 2.1 Enterprise for OS/2 and Windows provided additionally:

  • Language sensitive editor
  • Remote edit and compile tools
  • Debug tool
  • The latest in PL/I compiler technology
  • Redevelopment tools
  • Macro facility


  • September 1997 - IBM VisualAge PL/I Version 2.0 Standard / Professional
  • April 1998 - IBM VisualAge PL/I Enterprise Version 2.1
Latest Fixes
  • IBM VisualAge PL/I Enterprise for OS/2 V2.1.6 (Fixpak 6)
  • Workstation-based development environment for Windows is included in Rational Developer for System z


Discontinued. IBM commercial product.


IBM Announcements
  • ZP97-0533 - VisualAge PL/I Version 2.0 Offers a Competitive Edge
  • 298-104 - VisualAge PL/I Enterprise Version 2.1 Takes You Into the Next Millennium