IBM VisualAge C++ 3.5

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Because of the large amount of changes needed to support Windows 95 and NT a version of 3.0.x for MS Windows was never released, however a version 3.5 was introduced that is mostly compatible with the VisualAge C++ 3.0 for OS/2 and is even better supported with 3.6.5.

  • Available in German and Japanese in addition to English.
  • Last known version is 3.5.9-PF1 for the English version, 3.5.9 for the Japanese version and 3.5.2 for the German version.



VisualAge C++ 3.5 updates
  • Version 3.5 for MS Windows has English Fixpak 9 available for it, but you should also install the fixes included in PostFix 1.
  • The German version has Fixpak 2 available.
  • The Japanese version has Fixpak 9 but got none of the Postfixes that were introduced for the English language version.